1. The Carnivorous Sundew

    Live Encounters Online Magazine
    8 August, 2019 Read Article

    The flora and fauna of our bogs and wetlands are truly remarkable, as plants and their residents adapt to their waterlogged and mineral deficient conditions.

  2. Treasures Of Our Bogs

    Live Encounters Online Magazine
    6 June, 2019 Read Article

    I am a nature photographer and author of ‘Tapestry of Light-Ireland’s bogs & wetlands as never seen before’ released in October 2017. For almost 10 years, I lived and worked in pristine wilderness areas in Botswana, and this experience awakened an appreciation of the natural world of Ireland.

  3. The Living Bog & Tapestry Of Light

    RTÉ Radio 1
    12 November, 2017 Listen to Podcast

    On the Derek Mooney show, Eanna Ni Lamhna speaks to John Feehan, geologist,about the importance of our living bogs, and to Tina Claffey about her new book of stunning photographs of Ireland's bogs, ‘Tapestry of Light’.

  4. Book of stunning images captures the magic of bogs

    Irish Examiner
    6 November, 2017 Read Article

    Donal Hickey write about Tina's book ‘Tapestry Of Light’ and how her photographs highlight the habitat value of raised bogs, their diversity of flora such as bog-rosemary, cranberries, lichens and sundews, and wildlife including butterflies, moths, dragonflies and frogs.

  5. More Than Just Turf

    Irish Farmers Journal
    1 November, 2017 Read Article

    Tracey Donaghey talks about Tina's book of photography ‘Tapestry Of Light’, and how it opens our eyes to the beauty within our bogs.

  6. Tapestry of Light, by Tina Claffey

    John and Sally McKennas' Guides
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    John & Sally McKenna's Guides, reviews Tina's book ‘Tapestry Of Light’, and taking joy in the beautiful bog creatures and flowers that will put every reader on the path of appreciating, and maintaining, them.